A Hairstyle... It’s the first thing Love sees.
I will give you Good Hair! You do the rest!!

In the Lower Manhattan at the Financial District, what is the chance you will find a unisex one-chair hair-studio where haircuts, color and straight razor shaves are in order? Operated by Martin Hernandez, Haircules focuses on creating an art form. As an integral part of the fashion industry, Martin's work has been on display at catwalk shows, fashion shoots, celebrities and at fashion houses. He comes from international schooling in London, Canada, Paris and NYC. Martin's production is stunning, innovative, and personal, offering tailored hair services for every one of his clients. His outstanding artistry is not just about technique, it's about listening to his clients, getting to know them and their hair, and understanding what works for them. He takes pride in his work. Value and attention to detail matters greatly to him!

"I had the honor to work for mentors such as; Christopher Crabaugh, David Ryan Salon, Donne Salon, The Dry Bar, Dickson Hairshop, Fellow Barber and so many others that gave me such a strong back ground" -Martin.

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Water, Beer, Shot and Hot Towel on Request

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